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Artist: SMF
Album name: SMF
Tracks :
  1. MP3LogoMake the Music-RUGGED2
  2. MP3LogoNaughty Six Minutes-RUGGED2

Best hosting for forums?

I want to make a forum, but it's difficult to find the right host for it. Here's what I want:

-Free to use
-Unlimited bandwidth and web space.
-Allowing for FTP so that I can use SMF(Simple Machines Forum)
-Allowing for domain name to be (insertname).com instead of (insertname).(inserthost).com

As long as I can get a host that fulfills at least three of the guidelines listed, then I'm happy.

BTW, I have used forummotion.com in the past, and it seems OK.
Bluehost and Justhost look good, but do you have any recommended free sites?

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